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Team Line Ups QFES vs QPS Women 2017

QFES Women's Rugby League

Gracie A Photography was invited to be a sponsor of the inaugural Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) vs Queensland Police Service (QPS) Women’s Rugby League match that was held at Dolphin Oval on 9th of September 2017. Matches are held to commemorate 9/11 and pay homage to the firefighters and police that lost their lives in the line of duty in this disaster.

We attended a couple of their training runs and took some action snaps that they used on their Facebook page to promote the training and upcoming game. As the team was sponsored by a number of companies we took some photos of the team in their training shirts highlighting their sponsors, see below:

Team in training shirts
Team in training shirts

As this was the first ever Women’s team they wanted the traditional team photo and as the team had come together from all of the State, we could only do the photo on game day. This presented a bit of a logistical nightmare as there was nowhere practical, nor the timing to get the ideal photograph of the team. We used the facilities as best we could and got the team photo:

Then we got the photo we needed.

As you can see it is a lovely team photograph, however this is not something we were happy delivering to the team as a memorial keepsake that they could someday show their children. We used a bit of digital magic and produced a product we had printed and presented to the team.

QFES Women's Team Photo
QFES Women's Team Photo

During the game day there were many opportunities to take some great shots and capture not only the action on the field but off it as well. This gave a “story” of the day so those that were involved can look back at the photos and remember how they felt or capture a moment that they might otherwise have missed. You will see some photos in our gallery, but here are some others to enjoy.